Flyers & Leaflets

Leaflets and flyers are still a cost effective way to promote your business, product or event. They can be easily distributed within your local community or printed in large format as posters to display to reach a larger target audience.

Promotional Flyers

These double sided leaflets targetted families looking for a new school for their child that offered a more tailored and bespoke education.

As the school had a remote setting it was important to increase awareness of not just the school, but also the unique Montessori approach to primary school education.

Leaflets & Programmes

It can be useful to share a programme for your event if you have timed events being held or a way of thanking and advertising your sponsors. Leaflets are also a good way to advertise where to eat or ways to donate to any fundraising events that may be happening on the big day.

Leaflets can also be used for trails at venues, with custom illustrations for additional activities and bespoke lettering tailored to your event.

Promotional Flyers – Events

Creating a flyer with details of you upcoming event is a great way to get information out locally to attract more people.

Flyers can be printed at A5 to distribute as well as also printing at A4 to add to noticeboards locally. it is a great way to catch people’s attention as well as then present all the information about where and when you are holding your event.

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