Large Format Graphics & Print

Due to their size, banners and large format graphics are a great way to draw attention in busy spaces and promote your business or event. An eye catching banner makes you stand out from the crowd

Internal Vertical Banners

These portable banners are brilliant if you are holding your event in a room of a large building and want to advertise in the foyer or if you have a stand at a trade show.

They can be easily folded down to be used over and over again.

External Banners

Large banners can be used externally as they are hard wearing as well as being used internally in large spaces such as shopping centres.

Although they are large they need to have the right balance between just enough information but not overcrowding with so much that people can’t read them as often these types of banners are placed in high traffic areas where people are not necessarily going to stop to read all the information.

Large Scale Print

Adding branding to your commercial vehicle is a great way to advertise your business on the move. Creating a striking impact will help your target market remember the name of your business and particularly great for trade vehicles to advertise who has carried out the work at a property or venue.

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